Mute Swan concentration at Sombra, St. Clair River

B. A. Mann boatmann at
Wed Feb 18 17:57:05 EST 2004

Hi birders,
After work today I took a quick run up to Sombra an noticed a large number
of Mute Swans.  There were at least 60 from Fawn Island to Sombra Bay (north
end of village).  Although some Mute Swans tend to concentrate here in the
winter, the large number is noteworthy for this location.  Obviously it is
indicative of the increase in population in recent years.  They have been
found breeding in all the breeding bird atlas squares in this general area.
I did not go north of Sombra, so there could be more.  As well, a few Tundra
Swans are wintering on the river.
The river has been quite open for about a weeks, and waterfowl is spread
out.  Lots of Canvasback and Redhead are around, with others mixed in, as I
have listed before.
Bald Eagles are quite noticable on the river this winter, as many people
have indicated to me.

Directions to Sombra and St. Clair River:  Find Hwy 40 which runs N/S
between Sarnia and Wallaceburg.  Turn west on Lambton Rd. 2 (Bentpath Line)
and take to
Sombra on the river.  Sombra Bay is right in front of you.  Fawn Island is
just to the south of the village.  The St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) follows
the river along its length.

        Blake A. Mann
    Chatham-Kent, ON.
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