ALFRED RIDER rider at xcelco.on.ca
Wed Feb 18 19:02:43 EST 2004

  Hello Birders.
                          A tour of the 'Back roads' taking in a couple of 
Concession roads off Highway 21 near Forest today,     led to me noticing 
that many of the flocks of HORNED LARKS with yellowish throats on the 
fields and roads were being replaced by pairs of larks sporting just pale 
'Off white'  Last weekend careful checking found no pale ones there.
              In no way Earth-shattering news, but just a wee hint that 
something great is coming a lot sooner than it was last December!.
              Best Wishes to All and--Good Birding.  Alf.
       Directions.  Take the 402 to the Forest turnoff and proceed down 21 
to Forest. Keep straight on at the traffic lights and turn left at the end 
and drive towards the Lake.  Horned Larks can be found at intervals along 
the roads in that vicinity.

ALFRED RIDER <rider at xcelco.on.ca>

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