3 Carolinian Species in Kitchener

Neil E. Taylor tntcomm at sentex.net
Wed Feb 18 22:58:59 EST 2004

1 Tufted Titmouse and 1 male Red-bellied Woodpecker have been joined by 1
and possibly 2 Carolina Wrens at Taylor Woods.  All three species prefer the
platform feeder, but the woodpecker varies its diet with suet.  The Carolina
Wren settled into a routine today of regular feedings.  It had not been seen
or heard since mid December.  We have welcomed many local and out-of-town
birders to view the 16-19 regular species.  I don't believe any have been
disappointed at seeing most of the species.  Coopers and Sharp-shinned Hawks
have thinned the Mourning Doves down to slightly more than 100.  Pine
siskins and common redpolls are still visiting but not in the same numbers.
Brown Creepers have been more regularly observed along with Red-breasted
Nuthatches.  The Northern Flicker has become a little less dependable.

Directions to Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods is a private property located at 1016 Wilson Ave., Kitchener
close to Homer Watson Park.  This property is accessed by a private drive
between the Heroux Devtek plant and the Bell Depot yard.   It overlooks the
Grand River.
For out-of-town folk, please take 401 to the Homer Watson exit (one exit
west of # 8 exit).  Follow Homer Watson into Kitchener and take about the
5th light at Manitou and turn right onto Manitou.  Turn right onto Wabanaki
at the next set of lights.  At the top of a small hill, turn right onto
Wilson Ave.  Proceed about 100 metres along Wilson.  Note white chain link
fence on your left (east) that encloses the Bell telephone depot.  At the
end of the fence, turn left onto private drive that appears to lead to
Heroux Devtek.  Follow the drive on the south side of the depot til you see
mailboxes and the drive that leads to the Taylor residence which is the bird
feeding station known as Taylor Woods.  Veer to right just past the sign.
The feeders are around the white Taylor house with the blue steel shake
roof.  Birders are welcome.  Posted by Neil E. Taylor (owner) 893-6469.

"Neil E. Taylor" <tntcomm at sentex.net>

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