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Thu Feb 19 18:41:34 EST 2004

Hello Birders I Have a full Semester of Co-op at Mountsberg Conservation
Area, But I manage to get some good birding throughout the day while I am
there. This morning very early Arriving there I stopped and walked up the
drive and found a Yellow Rumped Warbler just before you hit the 25km sign
almost at the main building. Also For the last few days there has been great
great looks at a Red Shouldered Hawk also Seen by another staff member from
the Raptor Center this bird can be seen from the front Entrance, It seems to
want all the dead rabbits on the road. Later on this afternoon a Great
birding friend of mine Tom Thomas Found a flock of about 50-60 Bohemian
Waxwings close to the elk Heard Feeding on the berry's I could not Locate

To get to Mountsberg.....From the 401 go south on High 6 to Cambellville
Rd., and turn left (East), continue on Cambellville rd, and turn left on
Millborough town Road ( you will see the Mountsberg Raptor reserve sign at
this point).Follow this road to the main entrance on your left, just before
the Railway tracks. Good luck.

Anthony Miller

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