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Fri Feb 20 07:34:36 EST 2004

Several people have requested that I resume providing regional reports for
this area so here it is...

Horned Larks have been back for several weeks but numbers have increased
significantly in the past couple of days.  There have been several Robins
observed in the past two days as well.  Many of the Rough-legged Hawks have
disappeared this week.

There are 3 reliable Snowy Owls in the area - 1 west of highway 21 on Bruce
Concession 8, 1 on County Road 3 near County Road 40, and 1 on County Road
10 south of Tara.  Great Horned Owls are very vocal on territories
(atlassers - start your engines).  No Great Grays have been reported.

Bald Eagles can be observed near the nuclear power plant near Tiverton but
numbers are well down compared to previous years.   They have not been
observed in their previous roosting location and some people have questioned
whether the new windmills have any relationship to this change?  A Golden
Eagle was soaring over fields just east of Port Elgin on Cty Road 17.

Lake Huron is frozen far out from shore.  Local lakes and rivers are also
frozen so there are few winter ducks to be found.  The lake is open in the
Tobermory area but few ducks have been noted.

There have been no reports of winter finches or grosbeaks lately.

Cindy Cartwright
Saugeen Shores

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