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Three birders from Dundas, Agonquin report, Feb. 18/19th:

Visitors center:
hundreds of Common Red Polls and numerous Pine Grosbeaks and a handfull of 
Blue Jays but no Hoary Red Polls.

Though the visitor center is closed during the week days the ladies in the 
office invited us in to view the feeders at the rear of the center from the 
balcony where we were able to watch the Martin eating seed from the feeder 
and suet from the large suet feeder. Not to detract from the Martin sighting 
but the Martin actually lives in the foundation of the visitors center and 
can be seen goin in and out of the two ventilation holes below the feeders.

Mew Lake: "perimiter of the abandoned air field"
-8 ruffed grouse, numerous Grey Jays, a female White-winged Crossbill, a few 
Pine Grosbeaks and to everyones delight a male Evening Grosbeak.
We also observed a fox frolicing on the trail.

Spruce Bog Boardwalk:
-the parking lot was quite a treat as we were swarmed by Chickadees, Gray 
Jays, White and Red Breasted Nuthatch'es all looking for a hand out. 
Numerous Pine Grosbeaks and a few Blue Jays were observed from the parking 
lot also.
- a few meeters from the parking lot we observed a Black Backed Wood Pecker 
and a couple of Downy's  the rest of the trail through the forest no birds 
were seen other than a Raven or two passing overhead.
- after crossing the board walk the trail veers back toward hiway 60, there 
is an Otter slide about 50 yards long , comming down the hill and crossing 
the trail.
-after completing the loop and returning to the parking lot we stopped to 
chat with two birders from Ohio, they were kind enough to direct us back 
into the forest where we observed a half dozen or so Boreal Chickadees(a new 
one for the list)

*The strange thing was the absents of raptors throughout the park?

"Happy Birding"  Fred Lusignea "E.Stems Naturalist Club" Dundas Ontario

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