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Ware Dean peleeisbirder at
Sat Feb 21 21:42:21 EST 2004


A hint of spring was in the air today with some new migrants!

- Killdeer- a single bird was being chased by a adult Red-shoulder Hawk 
-Muddy Creek

-12 or more breeding plumaged Red-wing blackbird males- onion fields- 
although I heard my first singing last weekend. Breeding plumaged Great Blue 
Heron also last weekend.

Waterfowl: Due to strong westwinds most of the ice that was along the east 
shores has now moved out into the lake. With this said  the numbers of 
Common Mergs & Common Goldeneye have increased significantly. With smaller 
numbers of Redhead,Gr.Scaup and Red- breasted Mergs.
also to note was a single female White-winged Scoter(Wheatley Harbour), 
Ruddy Duck (Hillman Marsh), 3 Gadwall (Con.D) and 2 Hooded Mergs(Muddy 

Gulls- A single adult "white winged Gull" flew through my scope today and 
the very quick observation lead me to lean towards Iceland.(Hillman Beach)

Glaucous Gull- a 2nd yr. bird was at Wheatley Harbour along with 5 Great- 
black Blacked Gulls.

good birding,

Dean Ware
Wheatley, ON.
peleeisbirder at

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