Lesser Black-backed Gull at Wheatley

Randy Horvath snorovich at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 19:41:30 EST 2004

After hearing of Dean Ware's good fortunes at Wheatley Harbour, I headed out 
there myself this morning with my brother Robert. While unable to locate any 
white-winged gulls, I did find a first winter Lesser Blackbacked Gull 
loafing in the marina with a bunch of Ring-billeds and Herrings, and had 1-2 
possible Thayer's (I could not nail all five characters to confirm the ID). 
The female White-winged Scoter was present but scared off with the other 
waterfowl when a fishing boat came in. We also found the adult 
Red-shouldered Hawk perched in a tree north of Hillman Marsh. At Hillman, in 
addition to the birds Dean posted, we were able to get 3 Northern Pintail 
and 8 Snow Geese.
Good birding!

Randy Horvath, Windsor     <snorovich at hotmail.com>

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"Randy Horvath" <snorovich at hotmail.com>

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