Snowy Owl and Carolina Wren east of Ottawa

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at
Thu Feb 26 16:33:40 EST 2004

Hi all,

At 9:30 am and again at 3 pm today, a pure white Snowy Owl was seen atop a
hydro pole on Cty Rd 9 south of Plantagenet.  To get there from Hwy 17 turn
south onto Cty Rd 9 at the Champlain Motel in Plantagenet.  Be careful Cty
Rd 9 veers sharply left past the second bridge in Plantagenet.  Follow the
sign for St-Isidore.  The owl was observed about 8 km from Hwy 17 just past
the Concession 10 intersection.

To find the Carolina Wren continue south for about 10 minutes on Cty Rd 9
until you reach the village of St-Isidore.  Here Cty Rd 9 changes to
St-Catherine Street.  The Carolina Wren was singing this morning in the
backyard of 127 Ste-Catherine Street.  It could be seen and heard from the

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