Bohemian Waxwings in North Halton

Lou Marsh marnmc at
Fri Feb 27 15:50:25 EST 2004

At about 10:30 this morning, I observed a flock of about 25 Bohemian
Waxwings foraging among berry-bearing vines on my property. The location is
on the west side of Nassagaweya Fourth Line, about 300 metres south of 15
Sideroad and about 1 km east of Guelph Line. 15 Sideroad is about 5 km north
of Hwy 401.

The birds were not readily visible from the road, but could be heard
vocalizing from the tops of trees in the area.

Also, for the past week or so, there has been a flock of about 15 Robins,
feeding in the same vines and drinking water from the running stream through
the property. On at least one occasion, the flock was joined by several
Cedar Waxwings.

Yesterday morning, about 7:00 am, one of these Robins was in full song. That
afternoon a Grackle showed up for several minutes at one of the feeders. I
suspect this was an early migrant as I have not seen any Blackbirds in this
area all winter and I know of none coming to any local feeders.
As a bonus, about the same time, a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers moved
through the property.

Cheers and good birding,

Lou Marsh
Campbellville ON

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