Markus J. Lise markusonmill at
Tue Mar 9 07:07:25 EST 2004

Hello Ontario,

First thing this morning at 7 o'clock a RED BELLIED WOODPECKER f. on my new
supply of suit.  Yesterday afternoon the CAROLINA WREN enjoyed the suit as
well.  Thank you to the Butcher at IGA in Newcastle who regularly supplies
me with packages of beef suit as long as I give advance notice for pick up
and all free of charge.

All the other birds are here as well.  I will have to confirm that another
time but I thought I saw the male cardinal place a seed inside the beak of
the female.

Directions:  Exit # 440 off Hwy # 401 by Newcastle and drive south till you
are 500 m. before the lake on the west side.

Markus J. Lise
Newcastle, On

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