Pair of Carolina Wrens at Rattray

Robert Laker growl at
Thu Mar 11 14:53:41 EST 2004

About noon today, two (presumably a pair) of Carolina Wrens popped around in
some bushes just inside Old Poplar Rd. entrance to Rattray.  Last year, a
Carolina Wren was singing in the same area well into the summer.

A couple of Redwings also there but not much else.  Marsh is still frozen.

Directions - From Lakeshore Rd. east of Clarkson Rd., go south on Meadow
Wood Rd. (traffic light, and real estate office on SE corner).  Watch for
sign pointing right to Bradley House, turn left there, onto Bob-o-Link.  At
next left, Old Poplar Rd., turn left and continue to end of the street where
you'll see a small parking area, a sign for Rattray and the beginning of the

Bob Laker, Mississauga.
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