ALFRED RIDER rider at xcelco.on.ca
Sun Mar 14 18:44:37 EST 2004

                There are now about 16,000 TUNDRA SWANS in the fields 
behind the Lambton Heritage Museum on Greenway Rd. .
     The main flock which now consists of about 13,000 swans was augmented 
by birds arriving late yesterday afternoon and evening.  The massed birds 
look like big patches of snow.
   Many superb digital photos were taken by birders here this weekend and 
many have been shared with me.
      Not one LONGSPUR was found this morning, where they had been so 
evident yesterday. The flocks seem to have moved out during the night.
     The Pinery is situated in Lambton County, South of Grand Bend on 
Highway 21.  Greenway Rd. is opposite Pinery and the Museum is on the corner.
       Good Birding.  Alf.
       Alf Rider.
       Forest, On.

ALFRED RIDER <rider at xcelco.on.ca>

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