[Ontbirds] Black Vulture, Belted Kingfisher, London area

rhonda rrhondarat at yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 29 21:04:01 EST 2004

I am submitting the following sighting for a friend, Andrea Raithby, who is not
subscribed to the list.

While she was waiting for me to arrive at our study site this morning (around 9
am), she noticed a large, dark bird flying overhead.  Since it did not hold its
wings in a pronounced dihedral like a Turkey Vulture, she picked up her bins to
see if it was an eagle.  Imagine her suprise when she saw the grey head and
white wing tips of a Black Vulture!

She saw the bird near the intersection of Wharncliffe and Riverside in London. 
We spent several hours birding in the area and did not see it again, so it has
probably moved on.

Also, I saw a Belted Kingfisher north of London today.  It was flying over the
ponds of a gravel pit on Adelaide St between 14 Mile Rd and 15 Mile Rd  (south
of Hwy 7).  I saw another Belted Kingfisher in downtown Stratford on Sunday
(along the river).

Rhonda Donley
Denfield/London, Ontario.

directions included in descriptions

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