[Ontbirds] Anomalous Cooper's Hawk-Cornwall -

Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca
Tue Mar 30 11:58:06 EST 2004

March 30 - Here's one for the books. This morning, while watching a couple
of kettles of migrating hawks over the centre of Cornwall, I spotted a
White-rumped Cooper's Hawk. I'm pretty sure that's a first record for
Canada, maybe the world!

At first I thought it was a light issue but the bird clearly had white
feathers. Unlike a Harrier, which has a small white rump patch visible from
above, this bird's feathers could be seen from below as well, to the sides
of the tail. They made the tail look wider than normal at the base,
contrasting with the barred feathers. Above, the white extended partially
up the back, so it was not just the rump lacking colour. It was quite a

Brian Morin

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