[Ontbirds] Ross's Goose; Lavigne, betweeen North Bay & Sudbury

Richard Tafel rtafel at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 30 20:43:39 EST 2004

Few Snow Geese are see in this area during any year. A Ross's Goose has not
to our knowledge  previously been recorded.
    But, to-day, Tuesday Mar. 30, Angela and Gary Martin observed one in the
narrow channel of open water of the west arm of Lake Nipissing. After
initially believing that it was simply a rare Snow Goose, they were able to
double-check their Sibley's and as it remained only about 100 feet away,
through  their scope they could confirm that yes, it was a Ross's. No gap
between the mandibles, round, pure white head, noticeably smaller than
nearby Canada Geese, they were even able to observe a dark face section next
to the bill, one of the special details to distinguish the species.
    Later checking by Dick Tafel and Cal Osborne of North Bay confirmed the
sighting. It was still there at 4:00 PM.
    The location: - adjacent to the picnic area half way between the two
bridges which cross the two branches of the west arm of Lake Nipissing;
about 7 miles south of Lavigne, on the west side of highway 64. Highway 64
runs south of Verner, a village on Highway 17, about half way between
Sudbury and North Bay.
    This message is sent out by Dick Tafel of North Bay at Angela's behest.
                        Phone 705 472-7907

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