[Ontbirds] Black-backed Woodpecker in Toronto

Frank Pinilla fpinilla at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 1 13:13:17 EST 2004

Hi All,

I just spoke with Andrew and wanted to give some more detailed directions to where he saw the bird this morning.  Note that he did mention that he watched the bird for about 5 minutes and then walked on, when he came back the bird wasn't there, but is likely in the area because the Scotch Pine the bird was working on looked like it had been worked on for a while.

Coming in from the entrance off Leslie Street (100m north of Eglington) you will go down a hill and take the road to the right/north, this road then bends to the left at a set of washrooms (these are not the washrooms near where the bird was seen), keep following the road and off to the left will be a large parking lot.  Park at the far end of this lot (west end) where you will see a path that crosses a steel bridge over the Don River, follow over the bridge and continue following the paved path this will lead you to a second set of washrooms (smaller building), it is just beyond these washrooms where the bird was seen.

This path can also be found off Broadway or Rykert (not sure which) they are both off Brentcliffe and you can walk down the hill into the park and look just before the washrooms.

Hope this helps,
Frank Pinilla
Thornhill, ON

From: Jean Iron <jeaniron at sympatico.ca>
Date: 2004/04/01 Thu AM 11:22:50 EST
To: ontbirds at hwcn.org
Subject: [Ontbirds] Black-backed Woodpecker in Toronto


Andrew Jano just phoned to say that he saw a male Black-backed Woodpecker 
about 10:30 am at Serena Gundy Park in Toronto. It was feeding in the pines 
near the path just before the washroom on the Brentscliffe side of the 
park. You can also enter the park from Eglinton near the Inn-On-the-Park. 
 From the Don Valley Parkway, exit Eglington West to Serena Gundy Park. For 
more information, please call Andrew at 416-467-9506.

Good luck,

Ron Pittaway
Toronto and Minden ON
jeaniron at sympatico.ca

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