[Ontbirds] Horned Grebe's and others, Brights Grove S.L.

jmille07 at uoguelph.ca jmille07 at uoguelph.ca
Tue Apr 6 16:50:53 EDT 2004


Between 3 and 4 pm today (Tuesday), I found the following species at the 
Brights Grove Sewage lagoons:

Horned Grebe's (2, west pond)
Blue-Winged Teal(around six or so, west pond)
Northern Shoveler's (at least a dozen , west pond)
Lesser Scaup (West and North-east ponds)
Ring-necked Ducks (west pond)
Bufflehead (west pond)
Bonapart Gulls (maily in the South-East pond, but moving about)
Canada Goose (a few appeared to be sitting on nests, with at least one 
containing several eggs)

Other species present:
Turkey Vulture
Song Sparrow

the Brights Grove Sewage Lagoons are located on the south side of Lakeshore 
Rd, east of the village of Brights Grove (near Sarnia). From the 402, travel 
north on Mandaumin Rd (CR 26) to Lakeshore rd (CR 7). Turn left, and travel to 
the fisrt driveway on the left (south side of the road). Do not block the gate 
or the trail. The gate will be shut, but there is no lock, only an S-hook and 
chain. Close the gate behind you when you enter and leave.

Jason Miller
Guelph, ON
jmille07 at uoguelph.ca

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