[Ontbirds] Ottawa Short-eared Owls, raptors

Eve Ticknor sandbird at magma.ca
Tue Apr 6 22:08:46 EDT 2004

Last evening 2 Short-eared Owls were seen around 8pm at their same area on
Earl Armstrong Rd south of the airport.  There were 2 seen there a few
nights ago.  I'm not sure if the others are still around.  There is a pair
of Northern Harriers in the same area, and 2 Red-tailed hawk nests

For directions go to the web site below and follow the links.

Cheers, Eve
Eve Ticknor
OFNC Falcon Watch Co-ordinator
38-9 Gillespie Cres
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 9T5

"In nature, all things are possible.
To embrace nature is to hear the voice of our soul."

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