[Ontbirds] Short Eared Owls Near Grimsby

Terry Osborne terryos at sentex.net
Sun Apr 11 19:22:53 EDT 2004

Following several hours at the Beamer Hawk Watch today I decided to follow
up on the Toronto Hot Line report of Short Eared Owls off the 10th Line
running west from Ridge Road near the Beamer Hawk Watch along with Hugh
Currie, Brendan O'Sullivan along with their wives. Before entering the field
where we believed  the Owls to be, we first checked with the property owner
who lives in the log home approximately a quarter mile east of the railroad
tracks on the north side of the Tenth. He advised us that there were at
least 90 Short Eared Owls present within the grassy fields.

We then entered the field and eventually did find between 12 and 14 owls
both on the ground, in the grass and on top of several fence posts within
the field. As the fields are extremely wet it would be advisable to wear
rubber boots before entering them.

Given that the dozen or so Owls we did find were  essentially all within one
very small area, and that the area is vast, it would not be a stretch to
believe that the owners estimation of 90 birds present to be an

DIRECTIONS: Take the QEW to Fifty Road and then right or west to Ridge Road.
Go north on Ridge Road to the first sideroad which will be the Tenth Line
and then turn west or to your left. Go west on the Tenth line crossing the
railroad tracks and then approximately 150 to 200 yards farther to a
watercourse coming from the north. A path will lead you north into the
fields. The Owls are about 100 yards north of the road beyond a long
wind-row of earth and/or mud.

Terry Osborne

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