[Ontbirds] OFO Trip to Manitoulin Island

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 12 09:39:51 EDT 2004


OFO's Easter weekend trip to see and hear Sharp-tailed Grouse on Manitoulin 
Island was a great success. There were about 60 grouse displaying on the 
lek at Gore Bay. Everyone got close views from the hide.

Other sightings were an adult Ross's Goose, a pale "Snyder's" Great Horned 
Owl on the same nest as last year, many Sandhill Cranes, several 
Short-eared Owls, three Bald Eagle nests, dark and light morph Rough-legged 
Hawks, many male Northern Harriers, and displaying American Woodcock and 
Wilson's Snipe.

We thank Steve and Rita Hall, Roy Campbell and the Friends of Misery Bay 
for showing us the Sharp-tailed Grouse and for their outstanding hospitality.

Happy birding,

Jean Iron (for)

Don Barnett, OFO Field Trips Coordinator
dwb126 at yahoo.ca

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