[Ontbirds] Waterfowl at Second Marsh in Oshawa

Abel Zwart zwartbirds at rogers.com
Mon Apr 12 16:25:16 EDT 2004

Had a great morning at the Second Marsh this morning, with many ducks and 
gulls present.  There were some little gulls, as well as bonaparts, and 
trumpeter, mute and tundra swans.  Some beautiful green-winged teal were 
showing off close to the platform, and further out were some blue-winged 
teal.  Also evident were northern pintail ducks as well as both a cooper's 
hawk and two northern harriers.

Take the Harmony Road exit from the 401 and go south to Colonel Sam drive 
where you turn left.  Go to the south-west edge of the GM parking lot, and 
walk west and then north to the platform.

Abel Zwart

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