[Ontbirds] Short-eared Owls in Stoney Creek Mountain

A & K Williams williamsmusic at execulink.com
Fri Apr 16 08:12:32 EDT 2004

I haven't been on the site or had a chance to assess the situation but it
seems common sense to me to give the Short-eared Owls the benefit of doubt
and avoid any potential disruption. Without further comment the following
is from Ken Williams.

Mark Cranford
Ontbirds Coordinator
Mississauga, Ont.
mark.cranford at ofo.ca 


If this is appropriate, please forward it to Ontbirds.

There was an Ontbird report last weekend by birders entering private land
with landowner permission to view Short-eared Owls in their roosting area
near Beamers Conservation Area in Stoney Creek/Grimsby. In fact this is a
designated Environmentally Sensitive Area where these owls overwinter and
have been known to breed. Since this is a designated Species of Special
Concern (declining in population) in Ontario, I would like to strongly
suggest that birders view these birds responsibly from the roadside parking
areas or the rail trail, which is easily done at dusk and dawn at this site.

This area is currently under an environmental review for quarry expansion,
which would destroy a substantial section of probable breeding area.
Entering these fields and bush could jeopardize the species abundance and
breeding evidence data if we scare the Short-eared Owls away, thereby
enabling development of, so far, a nice, natural habitat.

Directions: QEW to Fifty Road in Grimsby; go south on Fifty Road up the
mountain; right on Ridge Road, left on 10th Road E. to the railroad tracks.
Enjoy these birds without disturbing them please.

Ken Williams
Site Monitor
83 Edinburgh Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario, L8H 2C6
905 547 8580

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