[Ontbirds] Pine Warblers,etc. Rondeau Park

B. A. Mann boatmann at kent.net
Sat Apr 17 13:04:24 EDT 2004

Hi all,
A few new migrants have trickled into Rondeau Park with the south winds.
This morning (17th) I observed:
PINE WARBLERS-two very bright individuals on Spicebush Trail near start; one
individual singing at the corner of Bennet Ave. and Harrison Trail.
YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS-as expected, a few scattered throughout the park.  I
had about a dozen today.
(Black-throated Green Warbler reported yesterday at Visitor Centre)
BLUE-HEADED VIREO one singing on South Point Trail (Rondeau Rd. side)
NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD on Lakeshore Rd. at #17134.
White-throated Sparrows-a few new migrants.  Large numbers of Chipping and
Field Sparrows along Lakeshore Rd.
No Gnatcatchers yet!

Spicebush Trail is along Rondeau Rd.  Road closed to vehicles today at this
Lakeshore Rd. is on the easterly side of the park.
        Blake A. Mann
    Chatham-Kent, ON.
    boatmann at kent.net

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