[Ontbirds] Pink-Footed Goose, Plaisance, QC

mark gawn gawnbirding at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 18 12:50:31 EDT 2004

On Saturday April 17 Jean Dubois reported a probable Pink-footed Goose at 
Plaisance, Quebec, near Ottawa (and within 1km of the Ontario border). This 
morning Marc Bosc and I relocated the bird and confirmed that it is a 
Pink-footed Goose. We had excellent looks at and noted the pink saddle on 
the (short) bill, gray barred back, white flank streak, pink legs, etc. It 
is about 2/3 the size of the surrounding Canada Geese (@10,000 present) and 
can be picked out by its grayer apperance. We could see no band on the bird. 
Given an established pattern of vagrancy (eg Newfoundland records, Montreal 
record, other NE North America records) it is probable that this is a wild 

Also present were 8 Rough-legged Hawk (mostly along highway 50 west of 
Mason), 1 Bald Eagle and the returning Eurasian Wigeon at Mason/Angers.

Follow Highway 148 east of Thurso. In Plaisance turn right (south) on Chemin 
des Presqu'iles. There is a $3.50 charge to enter the reserve. Turn left on 
Chemin de la Petite Presqui'ile and stop at the first lookout overlooking 
Baie de la Pentecoté. The Pink-foot was with the masses of Canadas in the 
unfrozen water close to shore. There was one (white) Greater Snow Goose 

Mark Gawn
Ottawa, Canada

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