[Ontbirds] Directions to Tiny Marsh

Ronald J. Fleming "ronaldj..fleming" at sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 18 19:38:02 EDT 2004

I've had a few requests for directions to Tiny Marsh, which I forgot to
include with my posting yesterday.  Here they are:

Tiny Marsh is northwest of Barrie.  The most direct route is to take
Hwy. 400 into the heart of Barrie, then exit at Bayfield and follow 26
out of
town.  Keep going STRAIGHT (- don't take the turn off toward Wasaga).
Go through the town of Elmvale, continuing on a straight line that is NW
and about 3 kms. north of town you will see that the road does a Y-split
where there is a delta of
conifers. Take a left onto County Road 6, then follow that road north a
few kms to Concession 1 (Tiny-Flos Townline). There is a big sign for
Tiny Marsh.  Turn left and go about 2kms to the parking area on your
right side and you are there!

An alternate route (and the one I prefer because it circumvents the
ridiculously busy Bayfield Street) is this:

Take Hwy. 400 north to Barrie and take the Dunlop Street WEST exit.
Dunlop is Hwy. 90.  Follow it west to Hwy. 28 (also known as George
Johnston Road).  Follow this all the way up through Minesing (you go
past Snow Valley and down a long hill).  Hwy. 26 joins 28 at this
point.  Not long after these two merge, you will see Horseshoe Valley
Road (#22).  Turn right on this road, then in about .5 kms, turn north
on #29 and follow it all the way north past the hamlet of Crossland and
past Hwy. 92 (which indicates Wasaga to the west and Elmvale to the
east).  There is a gas station on the NE side of this intersection.
Continue on past the drive-in and soon you will see Concession 1 (also
known as the Tiny-Flos Townline).  There is a sign or Tiny Marsh.  Turn
right and go along this dirt road for about 2 kms.  The main building a
parking lot will be on your left (north side).

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

P.S. Ian Cannell, who was hiking independent of the OFO group on
Saturday had a single Snow Bunting; Garth Baker, who was part of yet
another group, had a dozen Greater Yellowlegs fly over the same day.
These two informed me of a few other species which the OFO group (as far
as I know) did not get on Saturday: Ruby-crowned Kinglet (we had
numerous Golden-crowns), Hermit Thrush, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and
Sharp-shinned Hawk.

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