[Ontbirds] Loggerhead shrike and virginia rail near Napanee

beth mcpherson bethm at ihorizons.net
Thu Apr 22 11:44:47 EDT 2004

A loggerhead shrike was seen this a.m. at the posted site north of Newburgh.  a virginia rail was seen and heard at the Ratti road marsh just n.w. of  this area
Directions:Go north on Highway 41 from the 401 exit at Napanee to the Goodyear Road.Go east to the town of Newburgh at county road 27. Turnnorth on 27 to Nugent road.The shrike was seen in the field on the s.w. corner of this junction.Continue north on 27 to the Centerville Road .Turn west and go to Ratti road. turn south to the marsh. The virginia railwas seen on the west side of the road
Beth McPherson Napanee

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