[Ontbirds] York Region Sightings

Ronald J. Fleming "ronaldj..fleming" at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 22 19:22:47 EDT 2004

Awakened by robins and guided by voices, I got up before dawn today to
check the birds in my atlassing square east of Aurora.  There are
several very good regional forests just north of Toronto and east of
Hwy. 404, which is where my square lies.  Interesting species seen or
heard in the general vicinity of St. John's Sideroad & McCowan Road
early this morning included: an AMERICAN WOODCOCK doing its courtship
display in the pre-dawn twilight somewhere unseen above the field west
of the Richmond Hill Steamers' property, COMMON RAVEN calling from
somewhere near the end of Faulkner Road, at least 3 PINE WARBLERS
proclaiming territory in the pines along McCowan Road, one
RED-SHOULDERED HAWK calling on territory (he has been there for at least
3 weeks) south of the Hall Tract (somewhere near the truck-wrecking
yard), and six WILD TURKEYS in the cornfields SW of Kennedy Road and St.
John's Sideroad.

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

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