[Ontbirds] Carden birds (Clay-coloured Sparrow, etc.).

Ian Cannell cannell at rogers.com
Fri Apr 23 12:00:18 EDT 2004

A 5am start at the Sedge Marsh at Carden did not turn up a hoped-for Yellow
Rail, but among the 60 species seen on the day, were the following

Loggerhead Shrike. (In its usual area near Bluebird box #10, but it also
spent time on the other side of the road).

Clay-coloured Sparrow (near the windmill)
Other sparrows: Vesper, Field, Chipping Savannah,
Song, House, Swamp, White-throated, Eastern Towhee.
American Bittern, Virginia Rail, Sora,
Great Horned Owl on nest (thanks, Gerry Ball).
Osprey, Eastern Bluebird, Hermit Thrush
Upland Sandpiper, Wilson's Snipe
Horned Lark, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Meadowlark
Common Loon, Pied-billed Grebe.

There were an estimated 2,000+ ducks on Dalrymple Lake (mainly Scaup,
Ring-necked Ducks and Common Mergansers). Wood Ducks and both Blue and
Green-winged Teal were seen elsewhere.
There were a couple of Greater Yellowlegs  in casual water.

Most of the birds were seen on Wylie Road, but the rails and owl were seen
on Prospect Road.

To reach Wylie, turn left off  Highway 48 (if coming from Toronto) onto
Regional Road 6, in Kirkfield. Drive 5.5 kms, (passing the Kirkfield Lift
Lock), until you reach McNamee Road. Turn right onto McNamee and then almost
immediately, turn left onto Wylie.

Prospect Road is back on Highway 48, 4.2 kms kilometres before you reach
Regional Road 6.

Ian Cannell
Concord, Ontario.

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