[Ontbirds] OFO Minesing Field Trip - Sunday 25/04/04.

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 22:43:41 EDT 2004

Hi all!
     About 30 stalwart souls in about 18 vehicles braved the raw weather of 
to-day and were able to keep their spirits and good humour intact to enjoy 
some interesting bird sightings.  From the Angus Tim Horton's we followed 
Dave Milsom's route(OFO NEWS - Feb 2003).  Dave was delayed on a  Quest trip 
in Spain, so leading duties fell to myself with the able asistance of Jean 
Iron and Don Barnett and several other experienced members.
      On the north side of #90 west of Sunnidale Rd. we had a dozen or more 
Wild Turkey, including at least 3 toms. Some saw 5 Evening Grosbeak and an 
E. Phoebe en route and at the McKinnon Road/2nd.Concession "big wet" we 
counted  over 100 N.Pintail, 30+ Ring-necked Duck, N. Shoveller, Bufflehead, 
Green and Blue-wingesd Teal, Mallard,A. Coot Pied-billed Grebe and a flyover 
of 7 Wood Duck.  We had great views of more than 30 Greater Yellowlegs  and 
as we were leaving a flock of Pectoral Sandpiper lept out of hiding for an 
exciting fly around.  There were many Tree Swallows and a few Barn Swallows 
hugging the water desperately seeking sustenance.
      The feeders at the end of McKinnon had the usual feeder birds and we 
carried on to our next stop at the end of Baldwick Lane.  We had a Brown 
Thrasher, Brown Creeper, R.C. Kinglet, Winter Wren and Rusty Blackbird en 
route to where  Barred Owls were located last year.  We dipped on luring 
these to within earshot, but did manage to upset a Porcupine, who trundled 
off grumbling.  A possible Ruffed Grouse was spotted by a few and we 
returned to Angus T.H. to warm up and use the facilities.
      Along Pine Grove Road, some sharp-eyed members spotted E. Bluebiord, 
E. Meadowlark and Belted Kingfisher.  We walked the Old Rail trail to the 
overlook adding N.Flicker, Black-capped Chickadee and Hermit Thrush to our 
day list.  The trail west from #28/George Johnson Rd. was even less 
productive and the last 10 vehicles carried on.
      At the north end of the village of Minesing we drove west to the end 
of Ronald Road seeing 2 (Prairie) Horned Lark en route.  We saw our first 2 
Red-tailed Hawk of the day and walking down the lane to the flooded 
Nottawasaga River, found a well scavenged Wild Turkey carcass, but no-one 
wanted to make a wish.  We had both Downy and Hairy Woodpecker in the wet 
woodland and 4 Wilson's Snipe overhead.
      Although the list for the day was just 57 species, this trip was a 
success and I hope to see you at Rondeau P.P.V.C. next Saturday at 8 a.m to 
celebrate May Day appropriately - with a wealth of wonderful warblers.
                                                 Cheers!    Maris

Maris Apse - OFO SALES
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