[Ontbirds]more on Lazuli Bunting

Bob and Glenda curry.slessor at sympatico.ca
Mon May 31 13:42:40 EDT 2004


Here is some more information that may be of help especially for those
travelling some distance to try for the bird.
We arrived at 1:30 PM yesterday and stayed until almost dark with no
success. We stayed over thanks to the kind hospitality of Geoff and Ann
Birbidge. It gets light very early in Ottawa at this time of year. We
(Geoff, Glenda and I) arrived at about 6:30 this morning. Jack Hanna and
John Olmsted of Hamilton had the bird on the feeder at 12 minutes to 6:00.

Six of us including Paul Mackenzie of Kingston saw it in the trees and at
the feeder for close to 10 minutes beginning about 6:45. At least while on
the feeder the bird was very wary. Even though we spoke in whispers and
hardly moved it looked at us from behind the feeder after stooping for every
seed. Yesterday when there were about 10-12 people there most of the time
there was lots of good natured bantering and moving about. It is just
possible that the bird did not visit the feeder because of the people
pressure. May we suggest that to maximize your chances stay near the
entrance to the back yard and speak softly.

The bird sang in a rather subdued fashion. The note pairs were not as
emphatically doubled as with Indigo Bunting, were not as rich and complex as
that species having to my ears more of the quality of Yellow Warbler.

It is a beautiful bird.  Good luck!

Bob Curry and Glenda Slessor
30-3115 New Street
Burlington, ON
L7N 3T6
curry.slessor at sympatico.ca

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