[Ontbirds]Lazuli Bunting still present

Michael Tate mtate at caregard.ca
Mon May 31 22:37:50 EDT 2004

The Lazuli Bunting was present tonight Monday 31 May 2004 at 8.30pm when it
fed for 6 minutes before being chased from the feeder by a female Cardinal.
Others present reported that the bird fed at 5pm for 3 minutes, 6pm for 3
minutes, 6.40 pm for 9 minutes. 

The address is 11 Cherrywood Drive in the Bells Corners area of Ottawa.
The residents are very accomodating to birders who may enter the back yard
by the gate on the right side of the house. The bird did not seem
particulary concerned by the presence of people but it would be wise to keep
noise and movement to a minimum so as not cause disturbance to either the
bird or the homeowners.



Michael Tate

mtate at caregard.ca


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