[Ontbirds]Black-necked Stilt at Jarvis Sewage Lagoons

Helen and Mike Penfold penfoldhm at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 2 00:29:40 EDT 2004

My wife and I had optimal scope views of a Black-necked Stilt from about
1:50-2:10 this afternoon, mostly feeding in the southeast corner of the
north cell.

Shortly after this we watched a pair of Wilson's Phalaropes for about
fifteen minutes in the northwest corner of the same cell.

>From the traffic lights at the intersection of Highways 6 and 3 in Jarvis,
east on Highway 3 (Talbot Street East). Just past John Street (the second
street from the traffic lights on the south side of Talbot), there is a
gravel road entrance between  signs for the Wabisa Mutual Insurance Co. and
the Jarvis Car Wash -- turn south on this road. Follow this eventual dirt
road until it deadends, placing you at the middle of the two cells, which
are close to the road on the east side. There are excellent scope views of
both cells from the end of the dike at this position, while the northwest
corner of the north cell is well viewed across the gate beside the road at
the north end of this cell.

Mike and Helen Penfold
Owen Sound, Ontario

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