[Ontbirds]albino cormorants on Georgian Bay

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Wed Jun 2 16:32:47 EDT 2004


On Monday, 31 May, there were two albino Double-crested Cormorants in a 
flock of 32 cormorants. The flock was flying low over the water of Georgian 
Bay, heading west and was observed from Cabot Head. Given the distance at 
which they were observed, one individual appeared to be completely albino, 
while the other one had a brownish cast on its back. Unfortunately, the 
flock was moving swiftly out of sight and the observation didn’t last very 

Cabot Head Research Station is located near Dyer’s Bay, on the Bruce 
Peninsula. Acces to the station is limited. Please contact us for a visit.

Stephan Menu
Field Ornithologist/Bander-in-Charge

Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory is a charitable non-profit group dedicated 
to the conservation and study of birds and their habitats on the Bruce 
Peninsula.  For more information about BPBO and volunteer opportunities at 
the spectacular Cabot Head Research Station, visit our Website at 

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