[Ontbirds]Am. Bitterns at Presquile.

Karl Egressy kegressy at rogers.com
Fri Jun 4 08:43:36 EDT 2004

It is a treat to see one Am. Bittern. To see six or seven circling around
for minutes,
is a joy.
Yesterday morning we went for a walk in the marsh
to see the nesting Mars Wrens again, before we were leaving for home.
We were very surprised to see such a large number of Am. Bitterns
flying around. We counted at least six or seven. We were wondering if the
local or just migrating through. At the same time there were a large number
Great Blue Herrons  and one Green Herron in the air as well.
Such a show.

Karl and Marienna Egressy
kegressy at rogers.com

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