[Ontbirds]Escaped Demoiselle crane?-Chatham-Kent

Melisse D. upacreekwithapaddle at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 10:37:59 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, June 2 at 9:00 pm I spotted a crane in a flooded wheat field 
just south of Chatham, ON on Doyle Line which is east of Charing Cross 
Road.  The crane was approximately fifty feet off of the road, on the south 
side and could be viewed clearly with the naked eye.  A quick check at 
8:15 am the following morning revealed that it had moved on.  

I apologize for the delay in posting but I wanted to run it by Mark Cranford first. 
The crane was approximately 1 - 1.5 metres in height with a black head,
neck and breast.  The back and wings (when folded) where light grey in
colour.  There was white feathers originating just behind the eyes and
leading off of the head in what appeared to be small plumes.  
As I am TOTALLY unknowledgeable about exotics, an internet 
search revealed the most likely candidate to be a Demoiselle Crane (native to 
The bird appeared to be quite tame and ignored traffic roaring around it.  No legbands were seen although it was wading in deeper water and the light was poor.  It is most probable that it is an escaped exotic.   
It's possible it is hanging around in local marshes and flooded fields and you may want to keep an eye out for it.
Melisse DeDobbeleer
DIRECTIONS:  (to the site it was first spotted - had moved on the day after).  From Toronto/London - Take the 401 West into Chatham-Kent.  Exit at the Highway 40 cutoff.  Proceed north (turn right).  Turn left on the first road (sorry, don't know it's name).  It winds around for approx. 1.5 km.  Doyle Line is the first paved road on the left.  The crane was approx. 1 km east of Charing Cross road in a flooded wheat field on the south side.   

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