[Ontbirds]black-necked stilts @ Jarvis

Don Sutherland lori.h at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 8 19:40:19 EDT 2004

On Friday June 4th (@1200-1300h), while en route back to Peterborough from
the Long Point area, I stopped in to the Jarvis lagoons to have look for the
stilts. There were a number of people present when I arrived and some of
them, having already seen one of the stilts 10-minutes or so earlier, were
departing. Several of us waited at the south end of the southernmost cell
for a half-hour or more, but no stilts appeared. Shortly thereafter alarm
calls could be heard and both stilts were spotted several hundred metres
east-northeast of the lagoons. Both birds were clearly in a state of high
agitation and were focussing their attention on some hidden intruder, as
they made frequently low passes over a corn field, circling and calling
excitedly. As we watched a person appeared from the screen of trees. This
person, armed with a clear plexiglas parabolic microphone, was evidently the
object of the stilts' attention. As it was clear that the stilts would not
be returning to the lagoons any time soon, in disgust those of us remaining
returned to our cars. Fifteen or 20 minutes later, returning along the lane
back toward the carwash  I passed a blue, subcompact North American car
parked in the shade along the edge of the track. Sitting in the front seat
was the same person we'd seen out in the field armed with the parabola.

It seems to me that, intent on recording the alarm calls of the stilts, the
thoughtless actions of this person may have resulted in the failure of this

Don Sutherland
Peterborough, ON

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> It appears the stilts have left as two recent visits to the lagoon area
> turned up no trace except part of an egg shell in the corn field where
> they laid their eggs. Did they take their chicks to a new location or
> did something eat their eggs causing them to vacate the area ? If anyone
> has seen the stilts recently would they please e-mail me with the date
> or any other pertinent data?This is my atlass square but also I am to
> report whatever I find out to the land owner & the ROM.Thanks
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