[Ontbirds]Atlassing opportunities around Moosonee

Mike Cadman mcadman at uoguelph.ca
Wed Jun 9 09:06:02 EDT 2004

Quality Birding in Moosonee and Immediate Area

by Cliff Bennett, Volunteer Atlas Coordinator for Moosonee and area.

In this fourth year of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, I can't think of 
a better place for birding atlas work than in Moosonee and immediate 
area. Almost a month behind in spring development, all two hundred plus 
breeders which passed through Ontario earlier in the spring, are now 
here, establishing territories, finding mates and getting ready to set 
up house and home. You could be here to help list them for the atlas.

Moosonee has a fabulous array of habitat including boreal forest, 
wetland transition zones, willow thickets, river banks, streams, tidal 
flats, island channels and more, all within a few km. of the centre of 
town and on Moose Factory Island. These habitats are reachable by trails 
and roadways and canoe. There are two sewage lagoons, one large quarry, 
and two dumps to add to the mix. In addition to my duties as 
coordinator, I've managed to build up a list of over forty species, 
including eleven of the twenty-one warbler species breeding around here. 
I will soon get down to serious atlassing.

For a real adventure, why not take a week off and journey to Moosonee on 
the Polar Bear Express from Cochrane to help with this year's northern 
atlassing. I will meet you at the train, transport you to your free 
accommodation at the MNR Staff House and help build your atlassing 
programme while you are here. I could do with at least five more teams, 
to cover this area satisfactorily. Don't all come at once but any time 
during the remainder of the atlassing season until July 15.

For more information, phone me at 1-705-336-0933 or email me at 
Brody at onlink.net. <mailto:Brody at onlink.net.> Or, you can contact

Mike Cadman, Coordinator, Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, 519-826-2094 or 
E-mail mcadman at uoguelph.ca.

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