ALFRED RIDER rider at xcelco.on.ca
Wed Jun 9 23:35:25 EDT 2004

    Hello.   FYI.
                   Sorry for the late Posting--  our hydro has just come 
back on.
             At 8am. this morning there were three SNOWY EGRETS on KETTLE 
POINT, all in full breeding dress.  They stayed all morning but were gone 
after the thunderstorm that rolled over us at lunch time.
        The birds could be anywhere now!    We have had only two previous 
Snowy Egret sightings reported in the last 35 years here.   These latest 
birds were also seen by Pete Chapman.
         Kettle Point is situated on Lake Huron North of Forest, Ont. just 
off Highway 21.
                                     Good Birding.  Alf.
                   Alf Rider,  Forest.

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