[Ontbirds]OFO Square Bash in Algonquin Park

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Tue Jun 15 15:41:54 EDT 2004

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Ontario Birders:

There is still time to register for the Ontario Field Ornithologists' Atlas
Square Bash in northern Algonquin Provincial Park, based at Kiosk campground
from June 18 (Friday) to June 27 (Sunday). This will be a great opportunity
to do some atlassing by vehicle, canoe, or on foot, featuring the diverse
birdlife of the southern Shield. Participants are encouraged to come for as
many days of the square bash as is convenient for them.

For registration, directions, and accommodation information, please contact
Reinder Westerhoff, by e-mail (r.westerhoff at sympatico.ca) or phone
(519-766-4008), up to June 17.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Maris Apse, Mike Cadman, Ron Tozer and Reinder Westerhoff
Leaders, OFO Northern Algonquin Park Square Bash

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