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Wed Jun 16 11:51:38 EDT 2004


* Ontario
* Ottawa/Gatineau
* 15 June 2004
* ONOT0406.15

- Birds mentioned

Double-crested Cormorant
Bonaparte's Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Sedge Wren
Golden-winged Warbler

- Transcript

hotline: Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
date: 15 June 2004
number: 613-860-9000 press 2
to report: 613-860-9000 press #
coverage: Ottawa/Gatineau (Can. Nat. Capital Reg.), E.Ont., W.Que.
compilers  : Chris Lewis
            : Terry Higgins
            : Colin Bowen  colin.bowen at sympatico.ca
transcriber: Michelle Martin  m.p.martin at sympatico.ca
internet   : Gordon Pringle  parula at magma.ca


This is Chris Lewis reporting.

The only birds reported during the past week were resident
breeding species, as is typical for this time of year. Of note
were the following:

The two PEREGRINE FALCON chicks on the Crowne Plaza Hotel, both
females, were banded on June 11 and are evidently healthy.  The
downtown Peregrine Watch begins on June 19.  For updates on the
Peregrines' progress, visit the the Birding page on the OFNC web
site at www.ofnc.ca
A pair of Merlins has also been quite active in the Westboro area
and likely nesting, but no young have yet been observed.

The number of Bonaparte's Gulls at the Deschenes rapids on the
Ottawa River has decreased over the past 2 weeks, with only 4 seen
here from Britannia Point on June 14.  The Ring-billed Gull
colonies at Deschenes and Lemieux Island are thriving, and several
adult Double-crested Cormorants have been noted here as well, but
there is no known local breeding evidence for this species.

On June 10 two territorial male Sedge Wrens were still singing in
the fen along Loggers Way in Vydon Acres north of Galetta, and on
the same day two male Golden-winged Warblers were also singing
along the railroad tracks east of Huntmar Dr. - the 1st was
approx. 1 km east of the railway trestle past the bend in the
tracks, and the 2nd was approx. 1 km farther east at the dirt bike
trail crossing.

There have been no recent shorebird reports from any of the local
sewage lagoons - any news would be most welcome!

Thank you - Good birding!

- End transcript

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