[Ontbirds]Red-necked Grebes nesting again in Bronte Harbour

Gavin Edmondstone sue-gavin at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 19 19:16:02 EDT 2004

After the loss of the first nest of the season there is now a Red-necked
Grebe nest on the most easterly of the trio of tires in the Bronte Outer
Harbour Marina. While a bit closer to shore than the previous nest on the
middle tire there is currently very little vegetation piled on this tire so
it would not make the most attractive photograph.

Nearby there is a colony of Cliff Swallows nesting just below the roof of
the Lighthouse Restaurant. They can be observed from the back patio with a
beer in hand.

Directions:    Exit the QEW at Bronte Rd. (Oakville) and go to the lake,
turn left and go slightly beyond the Lighthouse Restaurant. The three tires
are obvious.

Gavin Edmondstone
Oakville, Ontario

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