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Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca
Mon Jul 12 11:51:00 EDT 2004

Hi All

Greetings from the sunny (and humid) south.  It's been a while since
anything was posted from Pelee, so I thought I would put together a little

This morning, while driving into work, I was pleasantly surprised to find
an Upland Sandpiper along the main road.  It flew up as I was driving and
landed in an open grassy field, along the road, just north of Sleepy Hollow
picnic area.

The Am. White Pelican, in Muddy Creek just north of Wheatley Harbour was
lasted reported on Friday and was seen flying north along the creek.  I
went to look for it again on Saturday and wasn't able to relocate the bird.
However, it was very busy in around the harbour on the weekend and the bird
may have just been avoiding all the traffic.  It can really get settled
down in the vegetation and be really hard to see.  Or, it has become a
recluse due to all the media coverage it has received here to date.

The park is alive with the young of the year right now.  I was lucky enough
to see the young Am. Redstarts that nested near the visitor Centre at our
pond this morning.  There are lots of Gypsy moth caterpillars in the park
this year - and as such, both varieties of Cuckoos have been abundant and
easy to view.  There has also been an active pair of Yellow-breasted Chats
nesting at the south end of the Sleepy Hollow picnic area.  If you are
interested in viewing these birds, the picnic tables at the south end of
the area have provided excellent viewing opportunities, without disturbing
the birds.

Good Birding!

Sarah Rupert
Sr. Park Interpreter/Education Coordinator
Point Pelee National Park of Canada
Leamington, Ontario
sarah.rupert at pc.gc.ca
519-322-5700 ext 13

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