[Ontbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Thu Jul 15 20:50:41 EDT 2004

At 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 15th, 2004 this is the Hamilton Naturalists
Club Birding Report:

Green Heron
Lesser Yellowlegs
Least Sandpiper
Short-billed Dowitcher
Spotted Sandpiper
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Willow Flycatcher
Bank Swallow
Brown Creeper
Hooded Warbler
Brewster's Warbler
Savannah Sparrow
Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Summer according to the calendar, yes, weatherwise ?????  Birdwise, very
quiet indeed.

This weeks reported bird of the week has been Hooded Warbler.  One singing
male was located in Ancaster on Ontario Rd., about 100 yards in from the Old
Ancaster Rd. Two reports came from Captain Cootes Trail this week presumably
the same bird.  A Hooded Warbler has been photographed here feeding young.
The best spot to see this bird, is on Capt. Cootes Trail at the RBG near the
Marsh Boardwalk sign closest to Bulls Point. This is a good spot to observe
the parent Red-bellied Woodpecker feed its young, fruit from the Red
Elderberry bushes. Other birds seen at this spot were Brown Creeper and
Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Today, at Tollgate Ponds located on Eastport Drive in Hamilton, 3
Short-billed Dowitchers, 2 Least Sandpipers and 9 Lesser Yellowlegs were
seen at this location.  Now is a good time to get out to those sewage
lagoons and other mucky spots to look for returning shorebirds.

Other reports this week include Green Heron, Spotted Sandpiper, Willow
Flycatcher, Bank Swallow, Savannah Sparrow and Rose-breasted Grosbeak all
from Courtcliff Park in Carlisle.  If you get a chance to visit this spot,
it will be well worth the trip, a variety of habitats all in one place.  It
is located east of Highway 6 North on Carlisle Road in the hamlet of
Carlisle.  At least four Green Herons were also reported from the Longlane
Orchards. They are north on Guelph Line, West on #15 Sideroad at the Petro
Canada station, then south on Second Line.

A Brewsters Warbler was also photographed this week.  The bird was around a
large pond just south of the Dundas water tower.

That's the scoop for this week.  Until next week....good birding.

Cheryl Edgecombe

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