[Ontbirds]Eared Grebe, GW Teal at Exeter Lagoons

Rick Thornton rickthor at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 16 21:40:15 EDT 2004

A walk around the 'goons tonight was highlighted by a breeding plumaged 
(although starting to show wear) Eared Grebe. For whatever reason, it was 
being harrassed by a Herring Gull, causing it to dive frequently. My 
records show an Eared here last year on July 10th. It was in the east cell 
along with Canada's and Ruddy's. There has also been an influx of Lesser 
Yellowlegs with easily 20 in all the ponds. There were also 3 Green Winged 
Teal (in the middle cell) and a couple Blue Winged Teal. No sign of the 3 
Hooded Mergs that were here a couple days ago and the Short Billed 
Dowitchers have moved on as well. Lots of Ruddy's still displaying for 
their ladies and a GOOD crop of Savannah sparrows this year.

Exeter lagoons are a mile and a quarter to the west of the intersection of 
highways 4 and 83 approximately 30 miles north of London in Exeter. Turn 
south at the cemetary which is Airport Line road and drive to the second 
gate on the left. Park without blocking the entrance and walk in. Just a 
reminder that you are required to possess and display on your dashboard an 
annual permit that is obtained at the town office during business hours at 
no cost. Town office is at the intersection of Main St and Sanders St.

Good Birding..
Rick Thornton

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