[Ontbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Thu Jul 29 19:15:18 EDT 2004

At 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 29th 2004, this is the HNC Birding Report:

Great Egret
American Kestrel
Peregrine Falcon
Greater Yellowlegs
Lesser Yellowlegs
Semipalmated Plover *
Solitary Sandpiper *
Baird's Sandpiper *
Least Sandpiper *
Semipalmated Sandpiper *
Stilt Sandpiper *
Short-billed Dowitcher *
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Common Nighthawk
Marsh Wren
Bay-breasted Warbler
American Redstart
Brown-headed Cowbird

Best bird of the week was a breeding plumage male Bay-breasted Warbler found
in a cedar swamp in Halton R.M.  located north of Speyside slightly east of
Hwy 25.  This would be considered an early migrant as opposed to a breeding
individual.  Time is coming now when the early migrants should be starting
on their way.

Shorebirds seem to be the most numerous bird around this week.  Since
Townsend Sewage Lagoons, located just outside the town of Townsend is almost
in the Hamilton area, I thought I would include it this week since over 500
individuals have been present in the last few days including Semipalmated
Plover, Solitary Sandpiper, Baird's Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Semipalmated
Sandpiper, Stilt Sandpiper and Short-billed Dowitcher.  Definitely a place
to check out on the long weekend if you have some time. The shores of Lake
Erie, traditionally Rock Point Provincial Park, seem to be productive as

During strong Northeast winds this week, six Sanderling were found along
VanWagner's Beach.  No jaegers yet but soon......

At our local Grimsby lagoons, water is high with Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs
present as well as reports of a nesting Marsh Wren.

In the odds & sods category, from the Hopkins tract, a picture was sent to
me this week of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo residing there.   While stopping in
to Staples on Guelph Line for a few supplies, I had a Merlin come over the
parking lot with a loud screeching alarm call, a nice pick up to a long day.
A Great Egret was reported from Rattray Marsh.  A pair of Common Nighthawks
were seen over Centre Mall this week.

Interesting sighting of the week was a female American Redstart feeding a
young Brown-headed Cowbird near Bulls Point at the RBG this week, quite the
sight of parasitism at its best.

On a follow up note, the potential peregrines near Limeridge Mall turned out
to be American Kestrels and our Peregrine fledlings are still being seen
regularly in the Hamilton downtown area.

That's all for this week, quiet for now.  Next week the HNC report will be
broadcast on Tuesday evening after the long weekend so email or call in your
sightings early.

Good birding,
Cheryl Edgecombe

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