[Ontbirds] Green Heron. Shorebirds & Red Headed Woodpeckers by Whitby

markus lise markus_lise at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 08:17:10 EDT 2004

Good Morning Ontario,

I sighted my first Green Heron by the Beaver Pond north east of Thickson 
Woods and some Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs.  A belted Kingfisher, Cedar 
Waxwing and many Starlings were there as well.

The Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs, Least & Spotted Sandpipers  continue in the 
shallow mud puddle by Sobeys just off Victoria  & Gordon St.

Both adult Red Headed Woodpeckers continue to entertain us at the Whitby 
Mental Health Centre.  Their regular routine of perching on two of the 
utility poles and the various tree trunks and snatching up some of those big 
juicy Dragon flies and bringing them into the leaves of one of the trees 
where most likely they are feeding their young is a delight to behold if one 
is there at the right time.

In our yard at home in Newcastle young families of Blue Jays, Northern 
Cardinals, Gray Cat Birds, Nuthaches, Common Grackles.  And for the last 
couple of weeks there are two Turkey Vultures roosting up in the trees of 
our Cathedral Grove over Mill St.  I notices some fesces on the road.  I had 
my first Baltimore Oriole visiting my feeder again this morning.  A couplf 
of weeks ago there was an Orchard Oriole in one of my Cranberry bushes 
constantly filling up on sugar water from my feeders and all of a sudden he 
was gone and I have not seen him since.  It appeared to me that he was 
filling up for his long trip to the Sunny South.  Would that be too early?  
I am not sure.

Directions:  Take Thickson Rd. south off the 401 till one reaches Thickson 
Woods and go down to the Beaver Pond.  For Sobeys, take Highway # 12 south 
to Victoria St. and turn right on Gordon and left just south of Sobeys.  And 
for the Red Headed Woodpeckers turn south on Gordon and drive on to the 
property of Whitby Mental Health Centre and to your immediate right between  
the two old buildings boarded up of # 30 & 28.

For the Oriole & Turkey Vulture take the Mill St. S. exit off # 401 and 500 
meters before the lake.

Markus J. Lise
Newcastle, On

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