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Fri Jul 30 10:08:12 EDT 2004

Hundreds of swallows are congregating on hydro 
wires throughout the area, in mixed groups.  

There is a potential new shorebird habitat in 
Saugeen Shores - a lagoon behind the new 
Independent Grocery store at the north end of 
Port Elgin had over 10 Killdeer and several 
Yellowlegs yesterday.

The water is very high at Baie du Dore but an 
immature Bald Eagle provided some entertainment 
trying to pick up a fish in shallow water.  There 
were Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs at Horseshoe 
Bay (between Southampton and Port Elgin) as well 
as Semi-palmated Sandpipers.  The water is high 
at Miramichi Bay also.

There is an interesting woodpecker on a telephone 
pole on highway 6 just north of Cherry Hill Road, 
north of Ferndale.  It's on the new pole at the 
north end of the curve in the road, on the east 
side.  Initially it looks a bit like a Pileated 
from a distance, but when you take a close look 
the markings are wrong and it's slightly too 
large.  It's bolted to the pole so it will be 
there if anyone wants a look while driving by.

The Great Egret and Great Blue Heron chicks are 
starting to leave their nests on Chantry Island.

Good birding,
Cindy Cartwright
Saugeen Shores


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