[Ontbirds]Baird's Sandpipers at Townsend sewage lagoons

Sat Aug 14 21:27:26 EDT 2004

Good evening all.

 Today Sat., Aug 14, 2004 during our below Hamilton travels Stan Bajurney
and I stopped off at the Townsend sewage lagoons and along with 11 species
of shorebirds we found 2 Baird's Sandpipers in the southeast lagoon (the
first one you come to). These 2 birds were together and appeared to be
adults. There is still 1 Red-necked Phalarope in the same lagoon and in the
southwest lagoon on the rocky shore I counted 37 Painted Turtles, some large

 While there we observed a mini kettle of raptors overhead containing 3
Red-tailed Hawks, 3 Turkey Vultures and 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk dive bombing
the giant (to it) Red-tails. These birds were drifting in a westerly

 Other birds of note elsewhere were 3 Emu and 2 Ostriches, don't email me
for directions. ( These were not escapees as they were penned in ).
Norm Murr
Richmond Hill, ON


On the way down to Long Point on Hwy 6 you will pass through Hagersville and
drive towards Jarvis. Just as you approach the town of Jarvis you will see a
sign indicating "TOWNSEND" at Nanticoke Creek Parkway #69. Turn right here
and drive to the intersection with the stop signs, turn left on Keith
Richardson Parkway and drive past some park ponds on your right. Drive ahead
until you see a small children's shelter (with an air conditioner on it) on
your right at County Rd 14. This is just before you reach the abandoned
railway line (tracks removed). Turn right here onto County Rd 14. and drive
a few hundred yards and you will see a gate and sign indicating that this is
a waste treatment area.. Park well to the side of the road, do not block the
gate. If the gate is open (they are on some weekends) then do not park
directly across from the gate as the larger "Honey Trucks" need the area to
swing into and out of the entrance road.

These lagoons are USUALLY only accessible on the weekend or after 6pm during
the week.

If asked to leave or not enter then please be respectful and comply as it
seems that for now we are being tolerated.

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