[Ontbirds]Shorebirds-Holland Landing, Tottenham

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Wed Aug 18 19:50:03 EDT 2004

   Holland  Landing  Lagoons were productive today with several shorebird
   species  and  many  teal,Gadwall,Wood  Duck, Hooded Merganser, Caspian
   Tern, etc.
         Of 35 Least Sandpipers, about 5 were juvenile. There were 2 juv.
   Semipalmated  Sandpipers  out of 7. Poss. 5 juv. Lesser Yellowlegs out
   of  a  total  of  28. One adult BB Plover, 1 ad. Semip. Plover, 3 juv.
   Pectorals. 440 Bonaparte's Gulls : only 6 were juveniles.
         At  Schomberg  Lagoons  there  were  20  juv's in a flock of 130
         On  the  sod  fields near Tottenham were 8 Upland Sandpipers ( 6
   juv's), BB Plover, Killdeer, Horned Larks.
   Directions: Holland Landing Lagoons are at the foot of Cedar Ave., off
   the  main  street  in  Holland  Landing,  close to River Rd. Schomberg
   Lagoons are at end of Proctor, one street south of Highway #9 off #27.
   Tottenham  sod  farms  are  between  9th  and  11th  Line off the main
   Tottenham to Alliston road.
   Dave Milsom
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